The Work that Reconnects

In its essence, The Work that Reconnects (sometimes called Deep Ecology or Active Hope) is an attempt to address the crisis of perception, otherwise known the delusion of a separate self, that is believed to be at the core of the ecological, social, and economic troubles we are currently facing. In this way, it aims to help facilitate the realization of what Thich Nhat Hanh calls ‘Interbeing’. … Continue readingThe Work that Reconnects

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“All forms, from quanta to cosmos, from self to collective, remain interrelated and yet truly unique. When, through sacred mind, we recognize how deeply interconnected we are in our dazzling diversity, and how impermanent those exquisite expressions are, we devote and dedicate ourselves to their care.”
― Julie J. Morley … Continue readingTHE LUMINOUS WEB

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“Pain for the world is not only natural, it is a necessary component of our healing. As in all organisms, pain has a purpose: it is a warning signal, designed to trigger remedial action. It is not to be banished by injections of optimism or sermons on “positive thinking.” It is to be named and validated as a healthy, normal human response to the situation we find ourselves in. Faced and experienced, its power can be used. As the frozen defences of the psyche thaw, new energies and intelligence are released.“-Joanna Macy … Continue reading•PAIN FOR THE WORLD AS A GATEWAY TO INTERBEING•

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